Finding Beauty & Sharing It (find something that speaks to you)


Thank you to everyone who came to my Sydney Exhibition to see my paintings ~ and to those that have expressed their appreciation online. I hope you find something that speaks to you in some way.

When thinking about my work I am reminded how fortunate I am in this life~ not because I am rich but because I live a rich and deeply meaningful life because of the gift of my art.

And by this I mean the sense of gratefulness that I experience for the powers of observation and awareness that one must have to express what you feel and see in paint.

Every day I wake up, wherever I am in the world or at home, I am so thankful for the opportunity to be present and really notice the subtle changes and things going on around me as it is in continual change. The seasons, the colours, the weather, the people, the different flora and fauna~ I love drinking it all in and filling up my senses.finding-beauty-california-coast-big-sur

It is reward in itself to just be open to experience this but to be able to paint it with joy in my heart is pure bliss. I hope that you feel this in my paintings and know that I am grateful for the opportunity to share this with you.

As we often hear, life can change in one minute. I have been aware of this my whole life but never as much as the last few weeks.

One minute I was having breakfast with my husband Pete, son Derek and future daughter in law Shannon at a café in Tamworth and the next minute my husband could not speak.

What happened over the next hours and days was amazingly scary, resulting in my husband having a brain tumour being discovered in Emergency at Tamworth hospital and the Neurosurgeon removing it at Westmead hospital in Sydney two days later.

We were very lucky we discovered this very aggressive form of cancer so quickly and we have now started the battle of radiation and chemotherapy every day for the next 6 weeks so they can make sure it is obliterated and hopefully not coming back. It has been a turbulent and scary time but we are getting through it.

Life is precious, please do stop and notice the beauty and the joy we all have in front of us. It is such a simple thing and yet many people are unable to see this goodness and beauty. Please appreciate the art, nature and grand design that surround you and know that we are blessed when we understand that even in our darkest times, there is beauty to be found if we look for it.

Observe the ordinary and somewhat routine things in your life, really look at them in a way you have not done before, appreciating the complexity and simplicity of each and every nuance and you will begin to understand how interesting and beautiful our lives are and how connected and intertwined we are with everything around us.

It is this connection and this awareness that makes us know we are a part of the big picture and that we are not that important in ourselves, rather as a small piece of the big beautiful puzzle of Life.

finding-beauty-french-window-chatCherish those interactions you have with your friends, family, neighbours and even strangers~ we can contribute and add something of beauty in the lives of others, even if it is only a small gesture or a simple genuine smile or greeting to someone on the street. You may light up some one’s day or just let them know they are not alone and they matter. We are all connected in some way and that is a beautiful thing to know especially the times when we feel like we are on our own in this world.

The holidays are typically family times to spend together but many are alone and feeling sad at this time so spare some time for those that might never ask for help or to join in with others~ it is so easy to include someone into our family gatherings and it could make a huge difference to someone who is feeling alone. These are the kind of gifts that don’t really cost anything and yet have great value to sharing your happiness with others and to me ~~~that is really Beautiful. Wishing you all Joy, Beauty and Love over the Holidays and the new year ahead.

plein-air-at-balmoralIf you would be interested in studying with me in the new year, I have lots of workshops and opportunities to share my creative passions with you~ see the list below:


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And if you wish to purchase the gift of art for yourself or to share with someone you love, please visit my website to see what is available now.


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