The Value of Painting with Friends

plein air sketching, pen and wash, australian artist, water-colour on location, georgia mansur


The value of painting with friends can not be overestimated ~ it is time well spent in my opinion. I had a great day painting in the Blue Mountains yesterday with my fellow Australian Urban Sketcher friend, Jane Blundell. Perfect temperature for painting outdoors and lots of fun ‘talking shop’. We spent some time enjoying the gorgeous vistas, sitting on the lookouts doing pen and wash sketches and had lunch in the charming village of Blackheath. We moved along to the buzzing little hive of Leura, and sketched along the pretty main street under the shade of the cherry trees in the grassy median strip.

Blue mountains, australia, plein air, georgia mansur, artist workshops, art teacher, professional artist

georgia mansur, artist workshops, art teacher, professional artist, Blue mountains, australia, plein air

Painting on location in the Blue Mountains

Jane Blundell, sketching, Leura NSW Australia, plein air

My friend Jane Blundell sketching the shopfronts on the main street in Leura NSW Australia


It is really fun to meet up with people you have known on Facebook or through professional groups to just hang out casually and paint together. Being an artist can be a lonely occupation at times and we do need our solitary time to create, dream and experiment but I also really enjoy people and being with other artists is a special treat. We can talk about materials, experiences and painting techniques until the cows come home without boring our families or having their eyes inadvertently glaze over while we wax on about how much you are crushing on Quinacridone Gold!


Here are a couple pics from the day, hope you will organize a get together with your artist friends to paint together soon~ it really is a great way to spend the day exchanging ideas, seeing different ways to do things and we all can learn so much from each other!

Happy painting friends~ cheers, Georgia

ps. i have just updated my workshop schedule for 2015~ check it out and see which one you might like to join me painting in Australia, USA, Europe or the UK!

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  1. Eric Rhoads January 10, 2015 at 15:04 #

    Looking forward to painting with you and 800+ friends at the plein air convention!

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